Tomomi HIDA

Language Processing in Syntax

My main current research topic is “language processing.”

Our human language has syntactic hierarchy, and it is created
by the operation, Merge, combining two syntactic units.

The operation has several types and I wondered if the merging
operation emerges from learning; in short, is it nature or nurture ability?

I am also interested in its neural mechanisms.

Verbal Communication in L2

Other my research interest is the elucidation of the musical training
impact and underlying mechanism of neural computation
in the verbal communication in a second language (L2).

If the mechanism of a second language acquisition (SLA)
is clarified, the results will contribute to foreign language education
to create a new teaching/learning way and learning materials
or to evaluate them, and it is possible that SLA will prompt by
assimilating musical training.

Furthermore, the fruits of research will contribute
to evolutional biology and linguistics to clarify
the evolutional processing of language and music.